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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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recognize those voices? if you do you may be able to help the cops catch a pair of robbers. a little gadget said you can cut your auto insurance rate but do you really want big brother watching just to save you a -- [ audio difficulty ] >> another group was recording there and members of that group let them in and helped them make the song.
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police are hoping that song will lead to their arrest. >> the song appears to be a tribute to larry hoover. >> larry hoover, larry hoover. we heard you back at work so we going to move. >> it was recorded at copy cattings studio in laurel -- cats studio in laurel, afterward it is two men who recorded the song went outside came right back in and one had a gun they forced three people to hand over money and other items then left. ♪ [ music ] >> the manager of copy cat said no one on the staff recognizes the voices in the recording. >> it is possible the whole recording was just a guise or some kind of misdirection to come in here and do what they did. >> police have surveillance video taken as suspects entered and left the building but the song itself might be their best clue. >> well produced we hope
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someone will recognize either the concept, you know, maybe heard the song before, possibly, good enough we are hoping they might recognize the voices. >> the suspects are most likely from laurel buzz of references in the song. >> -- because of references in the song. >> it is a small community we are hopeful we might get a positive id on the two suspects. >> after the newscast tonight you will be able to find a full recording of that larry hoover song. if you think you recognize it, call laurel police. a state trooper recovering after he was hit by what police say was a stolen car. sergeant mark bell was hit in college park, trying to stop the car. sergeant bell suffered nonlife threatening injurytaken to hospital. the driver was later caught but name has not been released. city says 12 employees should be fired for selling
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thousands in scrap metal. department of transportation says, 12 people sold more than $58,000 worth of scrap metal in 5 months they are recommended for termination. three supervisors have been suspended the city will set up a new position to track down fraud like this in city agencies. we know more about the vote of know confidence against the city school's police chief. they are worried the way marshall goodwin leads the department they don't think he does enough to control crime in schools. this should really matter to parents. >> not something to take lightly. when you see him, generally it means, in police world, that really they had nothing left to lose. they just have to do something. >> school administrators would not comment but the man who negotiates, says the vote has the two sides talking.
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there are child pornography charges against a hartford county man. cyber police tracked his online activity to his parents forestville home. the parents say their son is autistic one of his former friends downloaded child porn on his computer, there were over 400 files on the computer. 22-year-old mathew cheswick was struck and killed on the holiday weekend. westbound north avenue, closed after being shut down for two days after a huge water main break. charles street still closed along with other streets surrounding the break. a 60-inch water main erupted flooding the streets for more than a day the city doesn't
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have a time table for repairing the main and the street. a starry starry night, chief meteorologist, wyatt is here, are we waking up to cold or hopefully just another sunny day. we need another day like this. >> i think we will keep them coming. >> starry starry night. absolutely and a clear day for the first half. may see a few clouds in the afternoon. temperature, mid-40s. a few upper 30s. some of our cool spots, 30, federals burg but a crystal clear sky will lead to a sunny start tomorrow weather disturbance, leading through the great lakes. pass through our north tomorrow afternoon increased cloud cover late in the day. 60 degrees as opposed to mid- 60s. we will get into the mid-60s by the second half of this veterans day weekend. hour by hour, 40 chilly when you wake up 7:00 a.m. then midday, into the upper
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50s. talk about all the weather through veterans day and beyond it is coming up. >> all new at 11, you may not recognize his face but he was a powerful man in one of the area's best known companies. he resigned from lock heed martin the board asked him to do it after learning he had a relationship with a subordinate. he was expected to be named ceo. new information about the extramarital affair that forced the head of central intelligence agency to quit. it was uncovered during an fbi investigation. it is not clear what they were investigating. former patreus resigned abruptly from the cia he said the affair showed poor judgment. the retired four star general spoke about his wife holly in 2011. >> thanks to my wife, not only for 37 years of great marriage
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and support, i've mentioned my retirement ceremony she was described as being bright attractive, hard working and a pit bull and great to have her in my corner. >> before taking over the cia petraeus lead u.s. campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. wall street had one of its worst weeks. both sides are bickering over taxes and spending cuts, which sent the market down more than 2% raising taxes on the wealthiest americans was the center piece of the president's re-election marriage he wants to end tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 a year but republicans want cuts for everyone. if the two sides cannot agree more than $650 billion in automatic cuttax increases will go into effect. the president called both sides of the white house next week to figure this all out.
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just in time for ski season, maryland's only ski resort could get a second win. the owners, say they have found a buyer, dc development filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today they filed papers allowing them to sell it to a kansas city based company. entertainment properties trust is willing to put up more than $20 million for the place. they own several other ski properties. maybe running is your thing this weekend the 4th annual, heather herd, run. she was killed by someone in 2008 texting while driving. the race and walk happens at hartford community college. herd was a history major there. the race kicks off promptly, at 9:00 a.m. tonight was a good night to buy a little art. the art of baltimore showed off
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art in the round at american visionary art museum in federal hill. featuring art created by people with developmental disabilities. jamie was the master of ceremonies, for the event. painting, sculptures and ceramicmore were available. art in the round, helps fund future art programs, classes, training and other programs by the arts of baltimore. auto insurance is offering new programs the lower your car insurance but some are leery because they feel it invites big brother into the car. john materese checks it out. >> reporter: how would you like a 20% discount on car insurance. sure you would, so would i now the tougher question to get it are you willing to let your
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insurance company monitor your driving? you may have seen progressive's tv ads promising big discounts for safe driving. >> do you own a home? >> yes. >> discount. >> are you going to buy online? >> yes. >> discount >> progressive offers snapshot, that can lower your rate 30% you have to let them install a gadget to monitor your driving. >> well, i like it because it made you aware of certain patterns. >> kathleen signed up for snapshot on her ford. it took awhile to get used to having big brother watching her. >> at first i was worried my husband was not i was concerned about them tracking. >> what is it like having your driving monitored? progressive sent us a snapshot to try out for two weeks it installed easily into our escape's diagnostic port. any sort of hard stop, triggers a warning beep.
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every hard stop is recorded and posted on progressive's website for you to see when you log in. progressive sportsman said don't worry your rates won't go up if you drive too aggressively because your rates will go down if snapshot finds you drive the speed limit, avoid hard stops and don't drive late >> best case up to 30% off, progressive's traditional rate. majority get a discount somewhere around 10%. >> some critics worry it could lead to drivers running red lights to avoid a hard stop. progressive said that has not been a problem. others worry progressive could track everywhere you go. >> we don't know where you are. so we are not tracking location. >> for kathleen, a savings close to $100 a year was worth the privacy trade off. >> we just received a discount and on renewal we received a
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discount again. >> our news car earned no discount in two weeks due to hard braking but don't look at me i am not the only one who drives this thing. >> these programs are only fall. if you don't want any --s on fall. if you don't want anyone monitoring your driving, all you have to do is say no, thanks. don't waste your money i am john materese. >> find this and john's other reports on the news tab. the second time may be the charm, but will this doll really take off. it gives your daughters a chance to practice breast feeding. all right. >> on the weather front, mid- 30s. westminster, well, how much do we warm up? we will like the answer coming
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up. >> what is your craziest work story we may have just had it how do you and your coworker respond to stress. when we come back in just about 60 seconds
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it is a new doll on the market for this holiday season. check it out the breast milk baby in the box is a halter top for a young girl to wear along with a doll that attaches where a baby would breast feed on its mother the doll makes accompanying noises the company that make it is doll tried to sell it last year but it didn't do well in the u.s. it is video that makes jaws drop. out bursts at work funny to watch online being there when someone flips out, isn't as much fun if you are there in the officer. as you saw on 20/20 tonight, people were jumping over desks, destroying laptops.
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what is the craziest thing you have ever seen at work leave your comments at yes, it was another oh, maizing day for the orioles he rang the closing bell for the new york stock exchange. weirs and harding also won trophies. orioles remembering one of their own former os general manager, lee mcfail died at the age of 95 he was the oldest living hall of famer and served as american league president he was 95 years old. a major recall from chrysler, more than 900,000 jeep cherokees and liberties
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are being recalled. it effects grand cherokees, 2002 to 2004, liberties, 2002 to 2003. 81 people have suffered minor injuries. there is a fix contract chrysler. >> this photo from the water foul festival earlier tonight. my good friend willow, inside secret, willow is a fifth grader but did a good job as the mascot. quiet, and clear, and as rosie alluded to, it is a starry starry night. 40 degrees, dew point 34, dry, cool night these days are short but we have good weather throughout the weekend on the way for us, definitely looking forward that. how about the football forecast. let's skip ahead to sunday. haven't had a home game since october 14th, middle of last month feels like longer raiders
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coming to town. mostly sunny skies, mild, light south breeze should make for long field goals if needed. temperatures, 40, i think we are on our way to 30s other night but otherwise, clear, and unremarkable basically just a quiet weather pattern. we are watching one small disturbance that will pass north, over the next 12 to 18 hours, by the morrow afternoon could spin a few clouds in our direction. bright sunny start potentially additional cloud cover coming through the afternoon then as we go into sunday we get that disturbance out of new england we are set for really sunny conditions second half of the weekend lasting into our veterans day monday, this will be good weather throughout the weekend. here is the set up temperature wise warmer air begins to work in tomorrow cloud shield may dip down, then i think we are talking mid-60s potentially nice warm surge that will hang around for sunday and into
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veterans day it is a pattern shift as we look ahead right through tuesday, that warm air replacing the big chill. shifts in the weather pattern i wish i could say this will hold but starting tuesday, cold air will punch back in not friend but cooling back down. let's wrap it up through the weekend. 37, tonight, stars absolutely gorgeous a few passing clouds, 61 tomorrow play it conservative if we get less cloud cover, perhaps 62, 63 or 64 degrees, saturday, 43, a few clouds not as chilly tomorrow night. 40s won't be all that bad. gain we already talked about the football let's look into the veterans daytime period we will hold it mid-60s gain possible we can get warmer than that, but right now, conservative, mid-60s not bad so much colder than average for so long. middle of next week chance for showers does return, kind of a reality check, we will be in
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mid-november at this point, so 50s, a few rain showers a little improvement toward the end of next week. weekend weather is shaping up to be pretty good stuff that is great, so much to do and see across the state this weekend that's for sure. >> don't forget to honor the veterans on monday. >> thank wyatt. if you are looking for something to do on sunday. listen to good music helping a great cause. abc 2 is sponsor of girls with guitars, raises money for susan b komen, race for the cure. doors open 6:00 p.m., show starts 7:00 p.m. we've got a lot more coming up in minutes first here is bill weir. >> coming up we will have the latest on the cia bomb shell, how an fbi investigation brought down the man in charge
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of the nations secrets. steven spielberg and daniel day lewis tell diane sawyer about bringing abraham lincoln back to life on night line after abc 2 >> last weekend for bridge work, 295, it won't reopen until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow west nursery road closed at the belt way through 10:00 a.m. sunday. you will want to use 95 route 1, 97 or columbia pike instead. construction, will intensify, inner loop shut down will kins avenue beginning 11:00 p.m., won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. monday. you will want to use the detour in place. for up to the minute traffic conditions go to
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tomorrow, they will team up with baltimore county corvette
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club to raise money, throwing a big block party. all you
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corvette lovers will be able to
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see hundreds of high performance
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cars on display. help by dropping off a donation while you are there. >> we want people to come out and bring donations for the food
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center. whether that be something we do
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every year. for the sick kids at hopkins this tie is from anthony pagan
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from baltimore he has been battling leukemia, loves sports this is his tie honored to wear it today. >> this is cool i like it so so much yours has a little snow man mine has presents just a great design out there, and just amazing what the kids do. one of those things, everybody can help the ties are available from of course the aid bank all the money goes to help out the kids at hopkins. a look at weather. >> >> water foul. >> just to remind everybody. >> you had a good time down there. >> there is a thing people don't realize. it is an eastern shore tradition. just off route 50, downtown easton charming area, you have the water foul art +++there.
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